University of Portland / Located in Portland, Oregon, the University of Portland (also referred to as UP) is a Roman-Catholic private university. Founded in 1901, UP is well known for their six divisions of study.

Creative Director

Duane Maidens, Eko Tjoek


Designer, brand identity and brand identity guide


Institutional identity, institutional identity with school identifier, institutional seal, monogram (not shown), and brand identity guidelines

This project was created at Michael Patrick Partners.


Throughout the years, the University of Portland (UP) has developed multiple sub-brand identities that are in use by various departments. As a result, strategic brand management of their identities has become difficult for the University’s marketing department.


UP approached us to not only refine their key identities but also revitalize and modernize their main brand. What began as minor refinements became a major overhaul of the entire brand. Through careful evaluation, three identities were selected and one was created for informal use:

Institutional identity
Institutional identity with school identifiers
Institutional seal
Monogram (not shown)

Certain elements from the original identity were kept and simplified. In reducing the number of decorative elements, the institutional identity, institutional identity with school identifiers, and institutional seal now present a look of a modern school without losing a sense of their historic past.