last words / thoughts on the past two and a half years in the san josÉ state university bfa graphic design program and parting words from the class of 2013.


Director, main cinematographer, film editor, music editor



Special thanks to Jonathan Diaz, Jessica Suen, Tani Mitsch, Yvonne Ko, and Connie Hwang for helping me out with the creation of this film. Many, many thanks to the entire BFA class for their cooperation and patience.

The San José State University BFA Graphic Design Class of 2013

Joan Ang / Lina Cai / Long “Joey” Cheng / Kevin “KC” Cheong / Jonathan Diaz / Melissa “Missy” Iaconis / Miko Ieong / Josephine “Jo” Ko / Yvonne Ko / Karman Lei / Tani Mitsch / Juan Mondragon / Laurent Nguyen / Jessica Suen / Diana Thai / Kelvin Tow / Andrew Yee / Stephanie Yee

As the BFA Graphic Design Class of 2013 was winding down our final semester at San José State University, the idea of creating a film that could be shown at our commencement ceremony was brought up. I was honored to be asked to create the film and from August to December 2013, I created and planned out the concept and organized the filming of the footage. A large majority of the footage shows the planning of our senior show and preparation of our thesis projects. As I spoke one-on-one with my classmates, we remembered the moments that stood out from our time in the program and things we would miss once we graduated.

The final film was shown at our commencement ceremony on December 8th, 2013.