creative space / a board game using graphic design as a metaphor for real life decision making, mirroring various hurdles a person must overcome to get to their goal.




One 14" x 8" box contains: one game board (16" x 16"), four stages cards, project brief cards, project topic cards, case study cards, mood board cards, color palette and typeface cards, tool chips and board, mockup sketch pads, dice, pencils, and metal letterpress game pieces

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Creative Space is based on decision making processes. This board game was part of the San José State University BFA Graphic Design Senior Thesis Show in December 2013.

Each game starts off with a design brief and subject matter. Throughout the game, prompts are given to the players, which they can accomplish individually and through collaboration. The purpose of the game is to simulate creative thinking through the different view points and tasks that might be presented when working on a project.